• BIONINS Multi Repair shampoo is formulated under pharmaceutical and pharmacological supervision. It is a 100% natural product containing only the highest quality ingredients. It prevents hair loss, strengthens the scalp and stimulates growth thanks to its best ally - Rosmarinus Officinalis essential oil. Suitable for all hair types, especially greasy hair.

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  • BIONINS presents NATURE+, the innovative Capillary Mask made using 100% Natural ingredients of the highest quality. The Nature+ formula strengthens the hair and deeply moisturises in just five minutes.This revolutionary formula, enriched with the magical properties of rosemary and the vitamins and nutrients provided by aloe vera and jojoba oil, nourishes...

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    Complete treatment pack. Contains: Bionins Multi Repair Shampoo (500ml) + Bionins Mask Nature + (500ml). Take advantage of this pack and save 10%.

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  • Enjoy the advantages of BIONINS Capillary Mask Nature+ available in Mini format (200ml). Useful for small treatments. Does not include protective canister.

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All natural

High Cosmetic 100% Natural

In Bionins we produce our products using only ingredients of origin
100% natural and of the highest quality.
"We are not worth another percentage, Bionins is 100%."
Bionins was born to formulate the best hair products without using any type of
(without parabens, without silicones, without allergens, without synthetic components, without preservatives
artificial ...)
and we have achieved it, all our products are pharmaceutical tested and
pharmacologically with excellent results thanks to our 100% natural ingredients.

Sensitive hair specialists

At Bionins we specialize in sensitive hair
contributing to our formulas properties of medicinal plants.
Bionins products are suitable for all hair types,
especially damaged hair, with seborrhea, oily ...
"Having a happy and healthy hair again. Bionins."

cruelty free

Not tested on animals

Bionins is a vegan product and has never tested its products with animals,

We are very committed to the Cruelty Free policy.